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Pike Place Market Engagement Photography

This love story started half way around the world in the most exotic of places… The United Arab Emirates.

This American girl was bumming around post-college and decided to visit a college girlfriend that was winding her work contract down in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE.

This girlfriend happened to have a colleague hailing from Leeds, UK that would have his sister and brother-in-law visiting him during this same period. With so many guests in town at the same time and with an exciting country at their disposal, an itinerary was built to that included dune racing, dinners out and even a Coldplay concert.

The Brit took a keen interest in the American after the first night and an affection culminated in the overwhelming energy and tide of excitement at the Coldplay concert. Sparks few, the deal was sealed. The American girl returned home as planned with the task of setting up a new life in Abu Dhabi with her new beau.

A week before their wedding at the chic Hotel 1000 in Seattle, WA and the day after the groom arrived to the US after wrapping up things in Leeds, we took to the streets of Seattle’s beloved Pike Place Market for a very Seattle-centric engagement session.

The day began enjoying pastries and cappuccinos at Le Panier before browsing books + maps at Metzker Maps. Later donuts were bought and consumed in addition to making frames in front of some of the iconic Pike Place Market signage.

This image remains one of my all time favorites and was made right outside Il Bistro as the cobblestones turn down Post Alley, headed for the infamous Gum Wall. There was no direction from me other than approximately where to stand… The position of the umbrella, how natural their kiss was and the body language all came together perfect as I took a high vantage point and used my 70-200mm lens to get in close while preserving their moment. Part of what makes this image so successful and conveys true passion is how she’s clutching his scarf rather than having her hands hanging loose or simply around his waste.

Location: 93 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101.

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