Cuernavaca Mexico Wedding Photography
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Cuernavaca Mexico Wedding Photography

Getting ready and the reception were at a private, walled hacienda compound in Cuernavaca, Mexcio. Cuernavaca serves as a lush, tropical garden retreat for the well-heeled of Mexico City some 1.5 hours away and this location could not have been more beautiful.

I arrived to scenes of gardeners trimming, blowing and primping the sprawling 3 acre estate while event staff neatly readied each of the 400 place settings under the watchful eye of armed security men.

This image was taken a few moments after the first look and was done close and intimately with my 35mm lens. At that focal length you’ve got to get close to fill the frame and is something I like to do in order to enable the viewer to feel like they were right there, like a close friend or family member.

Shortly after we headed to the center of Cuernavaca in a convoy of armored Jeep Cherokee’s arriving at The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary of Cuernavaca, a 16th century structure featuring a 17th century mural covering 4,300 sq. ft. of the interior walls. Within the walled compound of the church, the archbishop himself presided over the ceremony that was lush in a sea of flowers and included a full mass with the couple kneeling at the alter and being tied in el lazo, or unity lace.

Once back at the hacienda one of the liveliest parties I’ve ever seen unfolded from the 500 or so guests that were giving it their all.

Gratitude and much respect for the endlessly talented Mr. Fer Juaristi for bringing me in to shoot alongside him.

Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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