Lafayette Gardens Wedding Photography
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Lafayette Gardens Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer, I am witness to grand and simple moments, last-minute emergencies and fast repairs, behind-the-scenes excitement and preparation, and a full variety of emotions, events and experiences at weddings and celebrations both large and small.

This, however, was my first time photographing a wedding that featured a bean bag toss contest, yard darts and the clink of croquet mallets as part of the afternoon’s fun and festivities. Even better, this celebration included an impressive and indulgent 16 different types of pie instead of a traditional wedding cake.

The couple had been together for 15 years and they were finally able to tie the knot after recent changes in state marriage laws, and you can clearly see the sense of elation that came along with their wedding announcement and their first kiss as a married couple.

The wedding ceremony, reception and wedding photography all conveniently took place at Lafayette Gardens in Burlington, Washington on a sun-soaked day of celebration and commemoration. Family-owned and operated Lafayette Gardens hosts intimate events such as this low-key, high-energy wedding celebration that included a picnic and barbecue, fun and games, and genuine sentiment and glee.

The embrace and the fist in the air kind of say it all as do the bright colors of the day. Surrounded by Skagit County’s scenic farmlands and beautiful Cascade foothills, Lafayette Gardens helped to frame a day to remember for this very, very happy newly married couple

Location: 20822 Lafayette Rd, Burlington, WA 98233.

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