Riverwalk Hotel Wedding Photography
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Riverwalk Hotel Wedding Photography

“Mama, don’t take my Polaroid away.” (Or, in this case, my Fuji Instax instant camera and the Paul Simon song actually says Kodachrome.) Weddings are comprised of moments both large and small, serious and silly, and I absolutely love this double shot that combines a sweet kiss in the background with light-hearted candid shots in the couple’s outstretched hands. It perfectly captures love and laughter with a bright focus on the latter and also showcases their beautiful wedding rings.

Detroit, Michigan was host to this celebration and wedding photograph that was taken in the Rivertown District after snapping some silly keepsakes of the couple. Many couples enjoy the blend of fancy scrapbook photography and instant fun photos for their wedding photography experience, and I enjoy capturing a full variety of moments, looks and sensations throughout the day.

Their portraits were taken around the hotel, across the Detroit River at beautiful Belle Isle Park, and in the aforementioned loft and warehouse Rivertown District surrounding the hotel in combining urban with nature and loving with joking. Keeping with that theme, the couple was married in a beautiful waterfront ceremony on the Detroit River.

They then celebrated their nuptials and even more expressive moments at the Roberts Riverwalk Hotel, which is a great place for wedding photography located just out of downtown Detroit. The riverside hotel is an historic upscale boutique hotel known for its service, views and celebrations. If being able to laugh together is a good predictor of marital happiness and longevity, I think this couple will have many more photo-worthy, smile-worthy, celebration-worthy occasions to enjoy together

Location: 1000 River Pl Dr, Detroit, MI 48207.

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